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About us

Lead Consultants & Experts

TensorChip is the leader and the pioneer of Reconfigurable Memory-Computing AI chip. This concept was also coined by our company. Based on the cutting-edge philosophy of “Algorithm - Chip - Memory-Computing Coordination”, TensorChip provides various industries with advanced “AI+business algorithm” chips and solutions.

Founded in 2019, TensorChip's core team members are from AMD, Renesas Semiconductor, MediaTek, Yangtze Memory Technology Corp., and other international leading companies, with profound experience in memory-computing and AI computing acceleration and in mass production of 5nm and 7nm chips, as well as new generation techniques such as Gate-All-Around. Currently, most of our partners are well-known chip manufacturers and AI application manufacturers including T-head.

Our core original technology in computing-chip area: We are proposing a new architecture for Reconfigurable Memory-Computing with capable solutions,  surpassing the patent barriers of GPU and the homogeneous competition in the field of AI with large computing power. 



Our Main Products:

•  Reconfigurable Memory Computing AI chip/IP with high computing power and low power consumption
(Expected to replace GPU and become the next mainstream architecture of AI computing)
•  tinyAI acceleration SDK
(Native MCU AI acceleration SDK, RISC-V compatible)

Prof. Xu

▪   Former Director of Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University
▪   Professor of Tsinghua University, PhD supervisor 
▪   Visiting Scholar at University of New Orleans
▪   Top expert in integrated circuit design and devices

Dr. Chen

▪   The 1st reconfigurable memory processor architecture in China (the first memory architecture that completed prototype internal testing in tech industry)
▪   The 1st AI processor dedicated to medical field
▪   The 1st RISC-V/x86/ARM platform-compatible AI accelerated compiler
▪   The 1st advanced 3D NAND chip architecture in China, with design team established (benchmark Samsung)
▪   The 1st advanced embedded flash compiler in China (benchmark TSMC)
▪   Expert of Zhongguancun Cloud Computing Industry Alliance, Open NPU Innovation Alliance, and Expert Committee on Intelligent Perception & Informatization
▪   Graduated from Tsinghua University in microelectronics
▪   In possess of personal chinese invention patents, U.S. invention patents and software copyrights, over 70 items
▪   Author of "AI Chip Design: Principles and Practice", "Advanced Computing-in-Memory Chip Design", and "GPGPU Chip Design: Principles and Practice" 

Dr. Geng

▪   Former expert of Renesas/NEC technical committee (only non-Japanese expert)
▪   The 1st reconfigurable memory processor architecture in China (prototypes have been completed for internal testing at Internet companies)
▪   NEC's EMMA-mobile architecture multimedia computing system
▪   Renesas Electronics R-Mobile/R-Car series in-vehicle computing chips
▪   In-vehicle computing hardware to support ADAS
▪   Graduated from Tsinghua University in microelectronics and Waseda University

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